Mysterious Pathways Volume One

Ethan David Loch

Front cover picture. Ethan with cane in hand walks up a grassy hill to a tower. Walls stetch either side of the tower into the distance. Inside the tower you can just see some giant ants poking their heads out of the cracks.  In the dark sky the stars are visible and the name ethan loch is formed in Braille.

Ethan would like to thank his family for all their support, especially Aunt Alison and Uncle Dave, without whom none of this would have been possible. Special thanks are due to Ethan's teacher Simon Bottomley who has been patient, kind, and generous throughout the years of tuition; always giving his very best each week. Thanks are also due to our friend and piano tuner of many years Andrew Jamieson; Jamie Hill and the people at Music in Lanark for giving Ethan the chance to perform his first major concert so many years ago. Finally thanks to Helena Merriman for all your encouragement and Daniel Kish for lighting the way.

Wallace At Lanark, The Misunderstood Lion, Theme to Apollo, Of The Sea, Cinnamon Swirl, Wizard Time, The Haunted Tower Part 1, The Haunted Tower Part 2, The Haunted Tower Part 3, The Haunted Tower Part 4, The Haunted Tower Part 5, The Haunted Tower Part 6


This stunning first collection of original solo piano compositions from Scotland's young composer Ethan David Loch is packed with incredible cinematic songs that take you on a grand journey with his signature style and technical virtuosity.

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ethandavidloch · Mysterious Pathways Volume One

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Front Cover Painting

Tony Luciani (website)

Artist Tony Luciani sits in front of a canvas with the front cover painting completed on it.  To his right is the pencil sketch on another easel.  Tony's back is to the camera and his sits contemplating the painting.

High Quality Cover Image

Tony Luciani, a full-time artist, was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1956. A recipient of numerous Ontario Arts Council and Elizabeth Greenshields grants, Tony has exhibited in over one hundred shows over his career, nationally and internationally. He is a founder and former Board of Director member of The Harriston-Minto Heritage Gallery, as well as a founder and former member of the Minto Arts Council. Tony is listed in the ‘Canadian Who's Who’


Ethan David Loch

Ethan walks, with cane out front, over a grassy field.  His back is to the camera.

Ethan was born in 2004 and diagnosed completely blind since birth. As a toddler, he would explore the piano for hours imitating his first inspiration, Rowlf the piano playing dog from the Muppet Show. His second inspiration, the DVD "Horowitz in Vienna", he played relentlessly. His formal piano lessons began at age 4 with his mother, but now he takes the long drive from Stirling to Manchester to study with Simon Bottomley. He has been composing since early childhood and loves to tell imaginative stories about his compositions.
Ethan's first major concert was at a Music in Lanark event where he also debuted his first major composition work, "Wallace at Lanark" illustrating the life of Scottish hero William Wallace.
Ethan was the focus of a BBC radio documentary called "Batman and Ethan". The central message of the documentary is the freedom a blind child can experience through working with the talented teacher of the blind, Daniel Kish.
In 2015 Ethan won the under-14 category at the Glasgow Music Festival when he was only 10 years old.
In November 2016 Ethan was awarded his first major International award in the Vatican. He received the “Premio Asoluto” prize at the 15th International "Giuseppe Sciacca" awards in Rome for his ability to create music “full of colours” as an inspiration to all.
On Saturday, 18th March 2017 Ethan won the 7th James Waterhouse Loretto Piano Competition "Advanced" class. As part of that prize, he performed at Steinway Hall in London.
In November 2017, Ethan won his category in the wonderful 25th Festival of Chopin in Mazovia, Poland. He performed at Chopin's house and later for the Warsaw Music Society.
His first TV appearance followed in May 2018 on the ITV show Little Big Shots.

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